Velg Training

We've worked with Velg Training for the last 7 years, joining them on a journey of digital discovery as they expanded their offerings to maintain pace with the digital explosion occurring around us. The team at Velg Training bring with them a perfect mix of genius and passion for their industry, making them the perfect partners in the ever-shifting landscape of the VET Sector.

  • graphic design
  • website development
  • marketing

Platform Architecture

We didn't just design a website for Velg Training. We developed them an online events registration system, an online store, a CRM, and everything in between. Then, six years later, we did it again with the next evolution of their platform that launched in 2017.

App Development

We've developed two iOS & Android Apps for the National VET Conference that Velg Training runs each year.

Online Game

For the 2016 National VET Conference, flip developed a unique online game that rewarded two players working together to achieve a common goal. It was a runaway success at the event itself.

Marketing Materials

Flip provides material support to the Velg Training marketing team, including event branding, design of event handbooks, brochures, flyers, and other materials as required throughout the year.